Your QuickBooks Connected Services Will Not Work as Expected

“Your Connected Services Will Not Work as Expected”

Intuit has notified customers of Merchant Services that QuickBooks may not work as expected if they are not running the current release.

Source: Is QuickBooks (Desktop) up to Current Release?

Over the past few weeks, I have received calls from clients that have current versions of QuickBooks (2017, for example), but the software isn’t able to update because the customer doesn’t have a maintenance plan for the software. QuickBooks displays the message saying updates are available, but the user isn’t able to download the updates and receives a message indicating that they do not have a current or in-force subscription.

Intuit is making it clear that maintenance and support is not longer an option with QuickBooks.  Not having maintenance means not getting updates, and not having updates means parts of the software and its connected services stops working. Now, even your desktop QuickBooks is exclusively subscription-based.

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Mobile IT for Contractors and Builders (for every business, actually)

The Trend Is Up For Single-Family Housing Market

Even as lot and labor shortages and other supply side constraints continue to impact builders, and while the cost of building materials continues to rise, the demand for housing continues to increase at a fairly consistent rate. “November’s builder confidence reading is close to a post-recession high-..” NAHB Chairman Granger MacDonald said in a recent release.

Supported by rising homeownership rates and a reduced number of available homes for sale, the trend up is expected to continue.

Increased competition for new business opportunities in the building market require that home builders and developers leverage available technologies and IT resources to improve operational performance and increase the profitability of every project. Applications for better estimating, project and cost management and accounting represent the foundations for information management and supporting the flow of work.Extending workflows to embrace mobile workers and remote offices is the next step to developing an efficient anytime/anywhere business. 92 percent of U.S. construction executives believe that technology will fundamentally change their businesses, and help them bridge the performance gap, according to KPMG’s Make it, or break it – Global Construction Survey 2017 report.

Collaborating while on the go and exchanging ideas and concepts quickly helps businesses be more agile and better-able to meet changing customer needs. Remote and mobile access provides businesses with mobile office options that allow users to get their jobs done no matter where they happen to be.

Business moves at a fast pace and working smarter means implementing the right IT to keep moving up with the demand and creating sustainability for leaner times.

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