Cloud for Contractors and Builders

On-Prem or Off-Site: Contractors get the functionality and data they need when and where they need it.

Contractors and builders are mobile,  working from multiple locations and remote offices and frequently using mobile devices. This business demands anytime/anywhere access to critical business applications and information, and users need a full range of functionality without sacrificing performance and reliability.

There are also big differences between residential and commercial contractor businesses and the tools they need. Just to pile it on further, there are emerging standards for supporting wireless connectivity in smart homes and businesses.

Cooper Mann Company specializes in creating mobility and managed access for construction businesses, contractors and builders, and we understand how the applications and tools need to work together.

From estimating to takeoff to project management to construction accounting, we understand how to mobilize the applications and data building businesses rely on.

Let us “cloudify” your desktop applications data, hosting from your own PC or server or with managed cloud hosting.  If the business is looking for a totally web-based/cloud-based solution, we can help you there, too.

We provide construction businesses, contractors and builders with the mobility, access and flexibility they need to get to critical applications and data from anywhere. Centralized, secure access creates better collaboration for team members, coworkers and contractors, and keeps everyone updated with real-time information.

Better information and greater efficiency leads to higher profitability. Let us help get you there.

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