Secure Remote Access and Server-Based Computing

Mobility and Remote Access are in demand.

Many businesses are told they must change software or outsource their entire IT requirement just to enable anytime/anywhere remote access and multi-user remote access to desktop applications and data.  While remote control and other services have been around for a while, none can compare to our managed remote access in terms of features and capability.

Enable the mobile workforce, bringing remote offices and workers together

For every business, not just enterprise business, mobility and remote access are essential.  Whether the organization is small or large, there is always a need for users to be able to get their work done no matter where they are or what type of device they have available.  Our solutions help businesses support remote offices or contract workers, bringing team members together so collaboration and access to information and systems is seamless regardless of location.

Embrace platform diversity, allowing users to work on PC or Mac, desktop or mobile computers, tablets or smartphones.  Centralizing access to applications and information is the key to enabling the mobility and flexibility in demand by fast-paced businesses working to stay ahead of the competition.

Working with existing on-premises systems, small businesses can instantly create a secure business cloud that provides access to software and data located on their own computers.  Enabling multi-user support and secure remote access to desktop software and real-time business data means having the benefits of online application service without having to adopt online applications that lack the features and functionality you need. No data conversions and no retraining.

When a business embraces a server-based computing model, it makes IT management more efficient and security easier to implement.  Instead of installing and maintaining software and data on multiple computers, the applications and data are centrally installed and managed at the host.  One installation means more efficient and effective administration of application resources, and an improved ability to manage users, desktop environments, and application access.

If the business is working with a preferred IT vendor or provider and wishes to utilize their own cloud server infrastructure, that’s no problem.  We work with IT solution providers to enable secure access, printing, device independence, web portal access and all the other features that come along with a managed hosting solution, but without the costs and complexity..

We help keep IT simple.

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