Wireless and Transformation Go Together

Mobile access and wireless networking are essential to transforming how customers live, work, and play.

Wireless has become a differentiator for businesses wishing to stand out in today’s media-rich landscape. Enhancing the customer’s experience, inviting visitors to stay longer and explore more, and delivering greater insight and intelligence to grow operations, wireless networks are a means for creating deeper engagement with workers and customers alike.

Wireless networking isn’t phone companies and cellular access.  Wireless is about providing mobility or web access to engage the workforce from any location in or out of the office.  Wireless helps businesses gain transparency in the supply chain with connected sensors, scanners and other digital data.  IoT, location information and other data becomes available to build the intelligence of the business.

Cooper Mann can help you get the site planning and survey tools you need  to design, analyze, optimize and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks and connectivity

  • for network engineers in companies of all sizes
  • validation of  Wi-Fi network coverage and performance
  • ultra-high end spectrum analysis and accurate Wi-Fi analysis
  • find and eliminate coverage holes, interference issues, roaming problems and performance bottlenecks
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