ISV and Developer

Hosting Support for Complex ISV Solutions, hybrid applications, and QuickBooks-connected products

Our ISV partner and developer support programs work to bring independent software vendors and hosting service providers together to reach new markets, customers, and opportunities. We help develop mutually acceptable and beneficial relationship between hosting providers and software developers, acting as a facilitator to help customers and ISVs get their solutions delivered from managed hosting environments.

We work with a variety of QuickBooks hosting providers, Intuit Partner Program developers, and ISVs with solutions which integrate with or compliment the QuickBooks desktop edition products (among other things). When a QuickBooks commercial provider has an ISV solution they need to host for a customer, we help bring the two businesses together to meet the need of the mutual customer – easing the burdens of discovering the right contacts and obtaining the technical and product information necessary to get the job done right the first time.

We also consult with software developers and ISVs who wish to “host enable” their applications, whether it is through brokering private label hosting of a desktop software product, making the solution available to authorized commercial hosting providers, or simply developing towards supporting host installations of integration points to cloud-based services or solutions.

Service provider philosophies regarding application implementation or availability, coupled with technical limitations of the environment, can combine to create challenges for ISVs seeking increased distribution of their products in hosted environments, and for customers seeking flexibility and agility in their business application options.

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