Remote Access to QuickBooks – a free report from the author of Radically Simple Accounting

Remote Access to QuickBooks – a free report from the author of Radically Simple Accounting

Radically Simple Accounting

Madeline Bailey, author of the book Radically Simple Accounting, is offering a free report on Remote Access Options for QuickBooks.

The free report provides details and simple explanations to help every QuickBooks user or consultant understand how best to leverage the Internet to work when, where, and how they need to.

Cloud computing and the Internet have introduced both challenges and opportunity for QuickBooks users and those who support them.  Madeline’s report provides real-world information, links to live services, pricing, and personal evaluations that anyone looking at remote access options will find useful.

Everyone’s talking about remote access and QuickBooks, but the options are so plentiful and confusing that only a few have made the move.  For those still wondering what solutions will work best for them, this report may clear things up a bit.

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