Formula for Success: The Cloud and a Pair of Bunny Slippers

Formula for Success: The Cloud and a Pair of Bunny Slippers

drawn-bunny-slippersInformation technology and the “cloud” is amazing.  With the right IT resources and connectivity, individuals and small businesses are able to compete at global levels with much larger organizations, and are proving that placing focus and attention on the right aspects of the business helps the business perform better. The right IT approach is to use technology to make the business smarter so more gets done in less time and with fewer resources – this is wearing the bunny slippers.  The goal is leveraging systems, software and connectivity to be more efficient and effective, creating the time to stop and think for a while, innovate, or simply relax.

Too often the business owners or managers are tending to computers and systems which simply support status quo and aren’t spending their quality time growing and managing the business – getting more clients, creating new products, rising above the competition. Cloud computing models play a big part in changing that standard, supporting new levels of business sustainability and supporting process improvements never before imagined.

Cloud computing is now integral to many business technology models because the potential benefits are great.  Cloud computing solutions and outsourced information technology management allow businesses to focus on what they do best, and  not on the IT supporting it. These solutions and services are in high demand because they allow businesses to scale easily and affordably, paying only for what is needed at the time.  Improved collaboration and centralized access to applications and data make cloud computing models an important consideration for every business.

I’m not the only one who recognizes how beneficial the right IT approach and anytime/anywhere access can be. Others have recognized the freedom and flexibility these new technology models have enabled… and know the value of a pair of bunny slippers.

Joanie Mann Bunny FeetMake Sense?


Doing Business In Bunny Slippers Around The Globe.

Susan Solovic

When I first started my business, like many start-up operations, I decided to work from home.

I equipped an empty bedroom with a card table for a desk, cardboard boxes for filing cabinets and my dogs served as my office assistants. Voila! I was ready to roll, and it was great.

I could go to work in my fuzzy pink robe and bunny slippers. After all, no one other than the dogs would know.

Start-up business operations are always strapped for cash. It’s much less expensive to conduct business from your home than to rent commercial office space. And thanks to the Internet and technology home-based businesses can easily become international enterprises.




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