Being Proactive, Not Reactive – Accountants Need to Increase the Speed of Service Delivery: Intuit Accountants News

Being Proactive, Not Reactive – Accountants Need to Increase the Speed of Service Delivery

from Intuit Accountants News Central

Technology models are changing dramatically, with cloud services and mobile computing being the focus of the IT community and the customers they serve, and those technology changes are driving equally dramatic changes in how businesses and the accounting professionals who support them work together.

As the cloud enables an “anytime, anywhere” model for access to business applications and information, it is also driving accounting professionals to embrace those solutions in order to meet the demands of the business client  who wants their information anytime, anywhere… accurate and up-to-date.  For most accounting professionals, this means being more proactive in working with the client rather than taking the traditionally reactive, after-the-fact approach to providing service.

More frequently, accounting professionals will be judged by their prospective (and current) clients as to their ability to meet the demands of these savvy clients who know that having accurate real-time information is critical to managing a business.  Read the rest of the article at Intuit Accountants News Central


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