To the EU and Beyond! Avalara acquires VAT Applications

To the EU and Beyond! Avalara acquires VAT Applications

Avalara, perhaps the best known and respected purveyor of sales tax compliance solutions in the US, has made another acquisition to expand their service line.  Just announced is Avalara’s acquisition of VAT Applications, provider of the iVAT suite of VAT compliance software and services. The iVAT solutions work for customers doing business in Europe and around the world, providing (among other things) cloud-based VAT compliance services for filing returns on all EU countries… in the required formats and languages.  By incorporating the iVAT solutions into the Avalara product line, the company extends its reach and capability to serve the global market.

To Infinity and Beyond! Buzz Lightyear from Pixar film Toy Story; image from wikipedia

To Infinity and Beyond!

While Avalara solutions are quite popular with US-based small businesses, the solutions are geared to work for businesses of virtually any size. iVAT solutions now take Avalara into EU and beyond, where VAT compliance is a necessity for enterprise as well as small biz (just as sales and use tax compliance is in the US).

Avalara has successfully acquired and incorporated several companies and solutions into its fold over the years, including EZtax, HotSpotTax, SuitePlus and Zytax.  This latest acquisition fills the cloud-based tax compliance solution line very well, and positions Avalara’s portfolio among the most comprehensive available anywhere.

Sales tax and VAT compliance is a big issue for business large or small.  Finding a solution that can not only address the business need, but that can serve businesses across borders and boundaries is essential in serving today’s global economy.  Even the smallest of businesses may find itself doing business internationally, selling to customers via the web often means crossing those lines and introducing new tax and compliance wrinkles and requirements.  Avalara addresses those business needs, and delivers solutions for the market whether it is local or global. It’s light years ahead of the rest.

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