Sleeter Peeps and New Technology in Las Vegas

Sleeter Peeps and New Technology in Las Vegas bunnies Peeps

The Sleeter Group is preparing for its 10th annual Accounting Solutions Conference, which is in Las Vegas next month (Nov 3-6) at Caesars Palace.  The conference is THE annual event where Sleeter Group Consultant Network members and other accounting, bookkeeping and business professionals get together to learn about new technologies, see and explore a wide variety of solutions and services, and to meet and network with their peers and peeps.

The venue this year, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, is likely to be even more fun than last year and is far easier to get to than Orlando, Florida (for those of us on the West coast, anyway).  And, unlike in Florida, we’re probably not going to see all those little lizards everywhere around the hotel grounds.  Well, unless there’s a lizard convention going on in LV, which wouldn’t surprise me.  Actually, the good old days of attending the conference at the Tuscany Suites are what I miss – when the venue was a little more intimate and you could really have a good conversation without all of the typical Vegas distractions.

The “Sleeter Conference” used to be a purely QuickBooks-oriented conference, but has expanded to embrace the larger realm of products and services emerging which serve various small business accounting or process automation needs.  While there remains a very large focus on the QuickBooks products and service lines, it is not unusual to see sponsors and speakers representing other accounting solutions and business technology products.  The benefit for the audience is exposure to emerging technologies and trends, and discussion on how these trends are impacting business in so many ways.

Among the technologies and trends to explore at the conference are application hosting and software licensing and delivery, and how those models are changing the way people obtain and use their business applications.  We introduced the application hosting models and cloud-based QuickBooks models years ago, and those hosting solutions proved the value of anytime, anywhere access to conventional desktop applications.  Now, we’re introducing other application delivery models which address a variety of needs, and which go beyond the Remote Desktop concept.  It’s pretty cool stuff, and this conference is where you can learn more about it. [*Note: visit Skyline Cloud Services by Uni-Data at the conference; they’ll know where to find me.]

Meet me in Las Vegas next month, and we’ll chat more about technology, the evolution of the accounting industry and profession, and how these elements are combining to create new challenges and opportunities at all levels of business.  Sleeter peeps – I’ll see you there!



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