You Spent What?! Keeping Tabs on Travel Expenses

You Spent What?! Keeping Tabs on Travel Expenses

In the world of business, it sometimes becomes necessary to travel. Whether it’s sending an employee to your client’s business in the next town or across the globe to make a deal, travel incurs expenses. How do you track those? Usually by painstakingly collecting receipts and keeping a copy of any travel itinerary. That’s an awful lot of paper.

Think about it. You get a receipt every time you make any kind of transaction. Let’s say you stop for gas on the way. You get a receipt. Take your client out for lunch? Receipt. Fly across the country? Another receipt, and an itinerary. It almost becomes necessary to get a folio just for receipts, you get so many. As a matter of fact, many do. Folios, folders, organizers. I’ve seen them all. Not one of them makes compiling the expense report easier. It still requires sorting and entering the data by hand. Such a waste of time. Time better spent on what you really need done. Making money and growing your business. Getting a report on what was spent, where it was spent, and how much to bill or reimburse should be as easy as clicking a couple of buttons. It’s not, but it should be.

Look at it from the other side of things. Let’s say I’m an employee and you’re sending me to Nashville to attend a conference. I’m also supposed to have a “meet n’ greet” with some clients, just to ensure that they’re happy and content. I’m stressed because I have to remember to keep every piece of paper I get on this trip. Plane tickets, rental car, hotel, food for myself, food for the clients. Everything. Not only do I have to keep track of it all but I don’t get compensated until after I get back, and only if I manage to keep all of those receipts.

Making the process easier is the next logical step when it comes to tracking expenses. Finding a way to cut down on the time it takes to compile the report, cut down on the number of receipts kept, or even getting rid of the need to keep the receipts at all. Everything under the sun is online these days. Online and paperless. It’s just easier than keeping a pound of receipt paper in your carry-on. With all of the technology that is readily available on today’s market, shouldn’t it be easier than that? One click should be all it takes. Okay, maybe two. My point is that it shouldn’t be pulling teeth just to keep everything in line and under control.

Which is why Concur is such a good thing. has taken the headache out of the entire process. Snap a photo of your receipt with your smartphone and send it using Concur. It filters all of the data and attaches it directly to an expense report. It even integrates with Tripit, which allows you to maintain an up-to-date itinerary and travel management capabilities. Concur even tailors travel options based on company policy and individual preferences. Paperless and painless. Just what the doctor ordered.

Make Sense?

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