Success in the Finance Department: Better Data and Analysis

Success in the Finance Department: Better Data and Analysis

CFOs and corporate controllers are beginning to recognize the increased value they can deliver to the organization when they take a more holistic and comprehensive approach to data reporting and analysis.  The key is in delegation of duties, and establishing the controls and connections which ensure proper (and complete) flow of information throughout the enterprise.  The finance department can easily become overburdened if not structured properly, but can be as easily undervalued if the sole focus is getting the numbers right.

An article on discusses some of the elements of structuring the finance department for greater success, and identifies the value of taking a proactive, consultative and analytical approach to business finance.

“For a CFO, “success is not just about getting the numbers right, but also uncovering the story behind the numbers: taking raw accounting information and creating cogent and compelling management discussion and analysis,” says Eileen Kamerick, managing director and CFO at investment bank Houlihan Lokey.

Those who take the big picture into account are more likely to develop an organizational structure that isn’t merely reactive. That will allow staff to come up with more ideas and, ultimately, help drive revenue and run the business. “You have to create an organization so you aren’t in the engine all the time,” Kamerick notes.”

This is a great article… read the entire post on here

You’ll find that it makes sense.


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