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QuickBooks And The Cloud

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Cloud Computing. I think we all understand that the “Cloud” is that little picture you always see representing the Internet, and that’s what the term refers to: the computing platform isn’t in your office, it’s “out there”, across the Internet. Just think of the Internet as a really long cable that connects your keyboard and monitor to the system that is really running the software.


When companies like Intuit talk about Cloud Computing and QuickBooks, it’s a little bit confusing, given that the largest part of their QuickBooks market is based on locally installed desktop software. And, with the volume of 3rd party developers with widgets, gadgets, plugins, extensions, and integrations with desktop QuickBooks, the momentum of the desktop solution seems unstoppable. But there has been a catch to the old model of plugging into QuickBooks, and it’s catching on really well.

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