Is Cloud Ringing the Death Toll for ERP?

Is Cloud Ringing the Death Toll for ERP?  Nope.

Software developers are being forced to recognize the business benefits of cloud computing models, and must shift their thinking along with the demand.  ERP isn’t dead or dying.  It’s changing, and delivering new agility and capability to businesses of all sizes.  Developers are going to have to find ways to modernize and adapt old, large frameworks to address these new demands, or lose out to newer players.

“Cloud on its own doesn’t affect the validity of ERP. Businesses still require management software to help them run their organization effectively. What Cloud does do however, is level the playing field and make ERP solutions more accessible to the consumer. That means publishers and resellers need to pay attention.” 

an old ERP The Right Way! guest blog by Jason Carroll with contributions from Brett Beaubouef

Make Sense?


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