Using a Remote/Cloud Server is Like the Green Screen Days – Only Better

Remote access and “dumb” terminals have been around for many years, allowing users to connect to computing resources located elsewhere… whether in another room or another state. Using hardware or software called an “emulator”, one computer system is able to behave like another computer system. In the case of the dumb terminals and green-screen devices, the emulator allowed the terminal device to mimic the keyboard layout and screen display properties so they would be recognized and used properly by the remote computer.

Consider that you might want to use your Macbook to connect to a remote Windows server. Microsoft Remote Desktop is an emulator of sorts which allows a local device (PC, Mac or mobile) to emulate the properties of a Windows remote computer so that screen, keyboard and other input devices function.

A cloud hosting environment operates similarly to the timeshare or service bureau systems of the past. You use a terminal – in this case a device or computer connected to the Internet – to operate your applications on the host computer.

The connection used to be over phone or fax lines, with modems making that squealing and squelching noise to let you know the digital handshake was being made. These days, remote access is much quieter, using the Internet as the network rather than making individual phone calls to reach the remote host.

Once your device – the PC, Mac or mobile device you are connecting with – establishes its connection to the cloud server, the computing resources and applications in the cloud environment become available.

Since the cloud server is a Windows environment, we are able to run most Windows-based applications and other network services you would typically find in a business. We manage the environment so your users can focus on running the applications that help them get their work done.

What’s different from the old green-screen terminals of the past is that you can use your modern devices – Windows PCs, Apple computers and iOS or Android mobile devices – and take advantage of the audio, video and other capabilities they support both on and off the cloud platform.

This environment provides you with the best of both worlds – the applications and familiar working environment you need, as well as the flexibility of accessing from any location and using any device.

When your business operates from the hosted cloud server there are no different versions of the software to worry about. All users work on exactly the same system in real-time so there is no more concern about software updates for individual computers, or licensing applications for use in multiple locations.

Files do not need to be moved or converted in order to work with the cloud platform. File are accessed centrally and in real-time so all users are working in the same database at the same time.

No sophisticated technology or training is required to take advantage of our hosting solutions since your users already know how to use Windows and QuickBooks. It’s a simple transition from operating on the local computers to working on the cloud platform.

Once you migrate your systems to your private cloud environment, you’ll wonder how you got along without it.

Make Sense?


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