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  • Are you experiencing challenges in understanding or implementing the right business information technology strategy?
  • Are you having trouble bridging the gaps between business requirements, business processes and available technology?
  • Are organizational or productivity issues preventing your business from being as profitable as it can be?
  • Do you know that you should be running more efficiently, but for some reason are not?

Perhaps the right outside perspective can lead to simple changes that can take your business to its best level.

Cooper Mann Consulting Group can help you address those challenges and create winning strategies that can positively impact your business. In depth knowledge of business processes, years of experience in multiple industries combined with thorough understanding of accounting and finance markets, software development, and hosting technologies enable us to provide timely and strategic advice to our clients.

We focus on providing professional solutions that can help businesses to grow, reduce operating costs, optimize business process and maximize output. We help to create innovative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency through higher levels of collaboration and integration. We provide professional, cost effective and timely advice for our clients, helping them concentrate on their core area of business and enabling the discovery of strategic differentiation.

We understand business information technology.

Cooper Mann Consulting Group is a member of  Legend Associates.

About Joanie Mann

Joanie Mann is a recognized authority in the areas of ISV cloud enablement and ASP service delivery, and consults with application and platform hosting companies worldwide. Her extensive work with accounting professionals worldwide has also positioned her as an expert consultant and adviser to professional practitioners seeking to leverage cloud accounting solutions, web-based applications and Internet technologies in their firms and with their clients. Author of Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People (available on Amazon Kindle) Principal consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting @JoanieMann on twitter
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