Online Document Storage = Smarter Business Continuity

Online Document Storage = Smarter Business Continuity

It is never safe to take business-supporting services for granted, yet many business owners today do just that.  Reliance upon Internet connectivity, the dial-tone of the 21st century, has created the potential for a negative cascading effect on infrastructure and the delivery of business services, even in the case of a minor disruption somewhere along the line.   Natural disasters and other occurrences can have a devastating impact on business and personal lives, and it has been proven that organizations with solid plans for reacting to emergency situations have a far greater chance to recover than those without.

Business continuity management describes the recovery of the business or service from outage or disruption, and a solid business continuity plan includes considerations for people as well as systems, because it takes a combination of both and knowing what do to in the event of an emergency.   Businesses with disaster plans will always do better than those without, and training employees how to react swiftly when necessary by bringing backup systems online or relocating to offsite work areas is essential to minimizing downtime and reducing the impact of the outage.  This is where SmartVault’s online document storage and the cloud can make a big difference between success and failure of a business continuity and recovery effort.

One of the first steps in developing a business continuity plan is creating a means to protect business information.  Digital documents and files that reside on local PCs and networks should be protected and archived in a secure central document storage system, allowing for storage and retrieval of documents as well as facilitating collaboration and sharing of information throughout the organization.  Using SmartVault for online document storage gives you a secure online vault for maintaining essential business information.  When a business adopts the SmartVault solution and elects to store business documents and files in the secure SmartVault system, they have implemented a critical first step towards establishing business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.   Preserving business documents and files in the cloud-based SmartVault solution allows the business to retain access to critical information even in the event of a natural disaster, fire or theft.  Documents are stored safely in the SmartVault system, accessible via any Internet-accessible location, so relocated workers can access what they need when they need it.

SmartVault is an easy-to-use online document storage solution that seamlessly integrates with popular business applications, like Microsoft Outlook and Intuit QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.  Working with SmartVault is simple and intuitive, so it is easy to apply the solution to handling most business documents and digital information.  When online document storage is fully-integrated into the workflow of the business, it helps ensure that data is consistently captured and stored, reducing the potential for lost documents and increasing the overall capability of the business to continue operations.

Disaster planning means thinking ahead to what could happen, and then taking steps to protect the business in case it does.  SmartVault is one of the applications in the business toolkit that addresses the daily needs of business document and information storage and management.  When disaster strikes (and it will) SmartVault is there and working, helping businesses continue to store, access and share the information they need to keep the business in business. For more on SmartVault’s secure online document storage solution, visit


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