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In order for regulation and legislation to work in favor of small businesses, it becomes essential that accurate and complete information be available for analysis. Too often there are details not recognized in the information used by various agencies to help guide policy and action, and particularly in the world of privately held small business, the quality of data is often in question. This is where structured accounting software and the public accountant come in to play, and where a difference can be made not only with the individual client, but at a higher level by facilitating more accurate data production to support various research initiatives, such as those sponsored through the SBA and the Fed.

Overall, these research studies highlight two things: the important role that financial institutions play in lending to small business owners, and the value of quality data sets in ascertaining financing issues faced by small businesses and their owners.

Charles Ou, Ph.D. | Senior Economist | Office of Advocacy | July 2009

With the availability of highly useful tools for monitoring various key performance indicators and metrics in the business (with analysis of cash flow being an essential part), business owners and their accounting professionals alike are able to use real business data to reveal not simply the trends in business performance, but to identify areas where direct action could improve results in one aspect or another. By paying closer attention to managing business finances and analyzing key aspects of business performance, the “discouraged” or “denied” business borrower may become a successful or (even more valuable) a non-borrower.

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