Optimize Costs of Business IT With Cloud Hosting on Azure

Small business owners, like managers of enterprise workgroups, face daily challenges in keeping business information secure yet available to co-workers and business partners. Each type of user has a different need when it comes to applications and data, and users often work from different locations.

For a small business owner, this may mean keeping a set of books at each of several business locations or maybe packing up the information and bringing home the data to work on at night. For a business enterprise it may be the challenge of providing centralized application and data access to multiple branch offices or a distributed workforce.

The problem is in providing affordable secure access to keep people productive. A great solution is moving from local IT to cloud IT on the Microsoft Azure platform with Noobeh.

QuickBooks on Azure from Noobeh

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Managing business data in a distributed environment or multi-location business is very difficult. When data files are stored on local PCs or on multiple servers, the organization may be spending quite a bit of money to backup and protect only some of its information assets. The data that rests on desktops, laptops and tablets is often overlooked and left unprotected.

Noobeh’s cloud service is a better alternative, hosting business applications and data on the massively scalable, agile and secure Microsoft Azure cloud. The service puts the business information and applications users need where they need them, allowing users to work from any location at any time.

Lower Cost of Supporting Productivity and Uptime

The #1 motivator for cloud adoption is cost optimization, according to the Microsoft Survey SMB Cloud Journey 2018. This is especially true for small and midsize businesses who are often running their businesses on lean budgets.

Compared to the costs traditionally associated with owning and maintaining a business network, managed hosting services can represent significant cost savings while improving the stability and security of the network overall.
It may seem that buying equipment and running it until it can’t go any more is the most cost-efficient way to handle business IT, but the real investment gets realized when businesses face the costs of lost productivity, incompatibility with modern technologies or services, and the risks that outdated systems introduce.

No Penalty For Going Back

Perhaps the most important element of application hosting services is the reality that the business aren’t penalized for making a different choice in the future.  Business conditions change and most small businesses want to know that they could return to localized operation if desired, and much more easily than if they had invested in a purely cloud-based or SaaS solution. When a business migrates to an online application, the process of converting back if it doesn’t work out is a daunting and costly task if it can really be done at all.

With the application hosting approach, you continue to use the applications and data you already have investments in… you simply use them from your cloud environment instead of running everything on your local PCs and server.

Application hosting services from Noobeh allow you to continue using the desktop products your business relies on but to also take advantage of modern platforms and cloud service. Noobeh delivers the applications and data from the Microsoft cloud platform, keeping it all managed and working.

But if you don’t want to keep working that way, you can always discontinue the service and pull your data back to your local computers where you simply install your software and keep working.

Noobeh cloud services help businesses get more from their investments in software, associated data assets and personnel training. Users get all the benefits of managed IT service and anytime, anywhere access to their applications and data plus the security of knowing their systems are running on a highly redundant and robust platform. Even with all of that, if the working model is not to their liking, they still have the option of taking their ball and going home.

Make Sense?


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