Everything Reaches an End to Useful Life at Some Point, and April 12 Was It for MS SQL Server 2005

Everything Reaches an End to Useful Life at Some Point, and April 12 Was It for MS SQL Server 2005

Microsoft SQL 2005 was well-loved and will be missed.  Even our most beloved things will ultimately wear out, grow old, and become obsolete.  So it is that, after many years (more than 10), SQL Server 2005 is out of support, out of extended support, getting no more security updates, and out of date.

Short story: time to upgrade your SQL server… quickly, because it is past April 12, 2016, which was the final (final!) date.

Microsoft SQL 2005 was one of the great choices when it came to meeting departmental IT needs and became the backbone for many mid-market business applications, supporting growing businesses with flexibility and speed.  Yet businesses today need more than just flexibility and speed – they need solutions that are enterprise-class that are able to support expanding requirements for data collection and analysis.

Upgrading isn’t simply a matter of maintaining status quo, either.  Moving to new versions can be a foundation for new strategic capability and increasing overall business potential, powering new decision-making processes fueled by analytics and business intelligence.


The pace of change is increasing and, with technology adoption rates rising faster than ever, businesses cannot rely upon outdated systems if they are to remain competitive.  Collecting, storing and rationalizing data takes power and speed, and securing those growing information warehouses requires vigilance in security and update management. Those aren’t characteristics of Microsoft SQL Server 2005, so waiting to upgrade really isn’t an option any longer.

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