Elevate Your Practice (really, not just metaphorically)

Elevate Your Practice (really, not just metaphorically)

In-depth discussions and the ability to learn about a variety of cloud solutions and services to help you build your practice, meet client needs, and create new opportunity

Cloud9RealTime.com is holding their 3rd annual Cloud Summit conference in San Diego this November.  If you are an accounting or business professional who needs to learn about how to actually apply hosted solutions and online technologies in your practice and with your clients, you should attend this event.  The focus is on hosting, using connected solutions and services, and embracing the technology and working models which will elevate your practice and create new business opportunity.

One of the problems with many industry events is that attendees get brief and generalized demonstrations of various products and services, and usually without any specific information on how to use or apply the solution to help increase revenue, grow the portfolio of clients, and differentiate services from those offered by the competition.   Cloud Summit solves the problem and addresses the opportunity by inviting a limited number of providers and vendors to the conference, providing time and resources (such as dedicated demonstration and training stations) where attendees can get the one-on-one attention they need to understand and properly apply these solutions to the benefit of the firm and the client base.

I wouldn’t suggest that it is an “either/or” decision, because larger and less intimate events can deliver a much greater volume and array of solution and service opportunities, and the larger attendance provides a great chance for people to get together and share experience and information, or just to see a friend they met last year and meet for drinks.  But a smaller, more focused event like Cloud Summit gives those attending a unique chance to see, experience, and learn about solutions which can make a positive impact to the business right now while leveraging existing investments in people and resources.

Plus, it’s tough to argue against going to sunny San Diego for a couple of days.

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