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QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2012 : Outsourcing Made Simple(r)?

As if it’s not already confusing for businesses, which version or edition of QuickBooks to buy for their business needs, accounting professionals and those who provide outsourced back-office services now have another choice in which version of QuickBooks to use, too.

Oriented toward serving the needs of outsourced bookkeepers, and not offering all the features Intuit believes an “accountant” would require, the new QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper edition is described as being “half way between QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Accountant”, and for us to “think of it as Premier General Business with a few extra features”.

While I suppose there may be bookkeepers out there who aren’t comfortable with the term “accountant” (although I’ll bet most of them are actually thinking in accounting terms rather than just on data entry), I think the real target user for this solution is the remote outsourced bookkeeper.

With the plethora of providers on- and off-shore wanting to provide services to the small business market, Intuit’s delivered a product to support that requirement, while limiting the “higher level accounting functions” to the CPA or accountant.

For QuickBooks hosting providers, it’s just another “flavor” of QuickBooks to install and manage, but it could also be the right tool for the right job in terms of creating remote bookkeeper models in broad support of QuickBooks accountants.

Maybe it makes a lot of sense.

QuickBooks Professional Bookkeeper 2012 : QuickBooks and Beyond

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