Manage Money, Growth and People: Small Business Tour Delivers for Small Business

Manage Money, Growth and People

Small Business Tour Delivers for Small Business

With all the talk about cloud computing, accessing your information, and working anytime from anywhere, a lot of folks forget to discuss the real advantages of using some of these nifty new solutions.   While the cloud enables an entirely new way of doing business, what business owners and managers care about is getting real information they can understand and apply right now.

To thrive, owners take on a continuous process of setting goals and translating them into action as they get their team on the same page. But they are now doing this with less time and fewer resources.  This is where technology steps in.  Frank Coker, Corelytics CEO (aka “The Professor”)

A forward-thinking community of experts has put together a great series of events to help small business owners, managers, and their accounting professional find out about solutions that can make a positive difference in business performance TODAY, and help to establish the path to a solid future.  Check the website to see if the tour is visiting your area.  If there isn’t already a scheduled event nearby, you can request a visit to your town!

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Read more about using the cloud to extend your access and collaboration beyond traditional boundaries.

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