Personal insight, quality of life, and a “how-to” book on applying cloud computing models to your practice

Personal insight, quality of life, and a “how-to” book on applying cloud computing models to your practice

A good friend of mine recently wrote a book on helping professional accounting businesses adopt and leverage technology to do more with their firms and to improve client service.  While it’s not exactly a technical manual, and it’s not exactly a motivational piece on how to run a better business… it’s weirdly a little bit of both.  Finding a way to convey highly technical concepts to non-technical people is difficult, and helping them to see how technology can benefit the business in real and tangible ways can be even harder.  Robert J Chandler does just this with his book Together in the Cloud, and does a fine job of describing a business philosophy and technology approach which has benefited thousands of professionals around the world.

Together in the Cloud is a great read for any accounting professional (or any business professional, for that matter) seeking to grow their business and improve profitability through the phased implementation of remote and interconnected technologies.  The blend of personal insight and quality of life elements imbued into what is essentially a “how-to” book on applying cloud computing models to benefit the practitioner/client relationship demonstrates Chandler’s experience as well as passion for the subject.  Given that Chandler and his company have successfully helped thousands of accounting firms and their clients work “together in the cloud”, the information proves to be more reflective of reality than hype.


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Joanie Mann is a recognized authority in the areas of ISV cloud enablement and ASP service delivery, and consults with application and platform hosting companies worldwide. Her extensive work with accounting professionals worldwide has also positioned her as an expert consultant and adviser to professional practitioners seeking to leverage cloud accounting solutions, web-based applications and Internet technologies in their firms and with their clients. Author of Cloud Hosting Explained for Normal People (available on Amazon Kindle) Principal consultant at Cooper Mann Consulting @JoanieMann on twitter
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