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Beyond Bookkeeping to Total Business

Beyond Bookkeeping to Total Business

subtitle: You’re probably doing it anyway, so make it official

If you consider what most bookkeepers put up with, you would wonder why they do it for a living.  It’s not exactly a walk in the park, as some would believe.  In a lot of cases, you have to go looking for the information before you can begin doing something with it.  The business owner doesn’t get what you’re saying – after all, everything you need is right there in his pickup truck in piles.  The CPA doesn’t get what you’re saying, and they’re probably going to just re-write up the information anyway.

What’s the solution?  Well, the one that comes to mind is renaming what you are doing.  Call it something different, because it’s not just accounting and bookkeeping: it’s business process automation, workflow, data collection, data organization and data analysis.  And when it comes to “moving the business to the cloud”, figuring out those real time data integrations and how all that operational information is going to “flow through” to the accounting and financial systems is going to become the responsibility of… who?  Well, who else but the bookkeeper/accounting professional/consultant?  After all, you’re the ones dealing with it now.

Automation and outsourcing of the application or service, or even implementing a new software to integrate two products, isn’t going to give you the exact setup and flow of data specific to your business and requirement right out of the box.  You have to make it do that.  It’s best that someone who knows the business financial setup be closely involved to make sure the right information to goes to the right place, is secure and controlled, and you know what to expect in terms of managing the flow of data.

The cloud changes everything when it comes to managing business information, and is rapidly helping folks enable operational processes while at the same time enabling the financial ones.  When you really think about it, traditional accounting is keeping track of what already happened.  Today’s requirement is keeping track of what’s happening right now, and when the owner of the small business is involved (maybe they do their own invoicing, certainly they write checks, at minimum they want to know their cash position), RIGHT NOW is the most important thing.

So, I guess we’re moving on a bit.  From Bookkeeping to Total Business, because that’s where the technology and the Internet (collectively we’ll call it ‘cloud’) is taking us.  You see, it’s all about  balancing work with quality of life, and giving professionals and their clients the ability to work how they want – and everyone ending up with a better outcome and more informed result.


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