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What is a nerd? I often wondered, and now I know. I am

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What is a nerd?

I’ve often wondered how the term is defined today, since technology is mainstream and even little kids use computers in their daily lives.  In Seattle, the joke goes  “a nerd is the guy with the biggest boat”.  In movies and TV, it’s the “revenge of the..” crowd, complete with Devo choreography, or Urkle and the high-waist pants (don’t even pretend you don’t know who I’m talking about!).  But really, what is a nerd, given that we’ve all become tech-geeks at some level?


What is a nerd?

by Geni Whitehouse, CPA.CITP, CSPM
Speaker ∙ Author ·Consultant ∙ Nerd

She’s been called the “comedian CPA.” A self-proclaimed nerd, former technology executive and CPA firm partner, Geni Whitehouse has made it her mission to eliminate boring from the world of presentations. 

“Anyone who has lots of specialized knowledge.

On any subject.

I used to think it was just accountants and technology people who
struggled to communicate.

But I have discovered that what makes someone a nerd (which I see as a
compliment) is his freakish interest in a subject. It’s his obsession,
his passion, his investment in training, studying and learning, his
willingness to follow the mating habits of the “tufted titmouse” that
turns an ordinary bird watcher into a nerd. It is that very same
all-consuming knowledge that makes it hard for the rest of us to
understand a single word he says.”



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